We are the leading Public Relations agency, in the market where we operate, that can truly deliver a genuine successful and result driven PR activity to completion.

We understand that in this flowing and transforming political and economic environment, PR companies need to know the key decision-makers and understand their priorities. We need to be ahead of the trends, setting trends rather than following them, in order to catch and keep the interest of each client. We need to realize the opportunities and obstacles which are vital to building a strategy and achieving our client's public relations goals.

We possess the talent and expertise to make this happen. We are very proud of our team of professional people and our network, that collide between Kosovo and Albania offices and concentrate on doing no less but an efficient and incredible job in every aspect of public relations field. We are praised for unconventional thinking and a very creative approach when it comes to designing a winning campaign. Our team will go beyond the limits to produce a campaign that will not have a chance to go unnoticed.
No matter which way the political wind blows, B2 agency successfully works with all to ensure the best results for our clients. And we have proven to be good at this. This is the time of public relations and social media, and if you want to stay in the picture you need to:

Be fast. Be assertive. Be present!